We launched The Black Fellowship Collection as a way to celebrate black culture in our own unique way. Being ambitious, we decided our first product launch would be The Black American Fellowship Flag (aka The Fellowship Flag). The flag serves as a new symbol that celebrates Black Culture in American, its contributions to society (and the world) in a proud and bold symbol. 

The Fellowship flag serves as a new symbol of Love, Strength, Honor and Tradition.

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Here are a few questions we get asked frequently:

Why The Flag?
The contributions that Black Americans have made to this country have long been ignored and it is our internal goal to show love to our past, our ancestors, present and the future of our culture by proudly displaying The Black American Fellowship Flag. 

We designed this flag because as Black Americans we felt a deep need to share experiences and bond together under a symbol we can all be proud of. This is why we choose the word "Fellowship" to represent this idea.
What Do The Colors Represent?
  • White Stars stand for The North Star that shines down as a beacon of freedom and a constant reminder of freedom in 50 states.
  • Green Pastures for the land we helped cultivate.
  • Red Bars for the blood of our ancestors that runs through us.
  • Black Bars for the rich Black Culture and community that emerged from it all.  

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