The Fellowship Flag

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Have you ever wanted to celebrate Black American contributions to America in a unique way that you can be proud of?
Have you ever felt that the American flag doesn't fully represent the unique contributions of the Black experience? 
This is exactly why we created The Black Fellowship Flag .
An Homage to A Classic
We decided to create this flag as a thank you to David Hammons, the original creator of the Untitled (African-American Flag), which was created first displayed at an art exhibition in Amsterdam museum in 1990. Its also a homage to Marcus Garvey the creator of Pan-African movement and Black Liberation Flag which dons the classic Red,Black and Green colors. 
Why The Flag?
The contributions that Black Americans have made to this country have long been ignored and it is our internal goal to show love to the ancestors and the future of our culture by proudly displaying The Fellowship Flag for all to see. This flag is for you, your family, your history, your ancestors. This flag is a symbol of equality, prosperity and new beginnings.
What Do The Colors Represent?
  • White stars stand for the north star/hope in each 50 states
  • Green pastures for the land we helped cultivate
  • Red bars for the blood of our ancestors that runs through us
  • Black bars for the rich Black Culture and community that emerged from it all.

Our Flag. Our Story. Our History.